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I am Hannah:) I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Illustration and Animation in 2011. After I graduated I took a few months out to go to Africa where I volunteered in Kenya living with the Masai tribe, and in Tanzania teaching in the schools and painting educational murals. I had an amazing time and would go back in a heart beat. I came back to reality at the end of last year and have recently got a job working with children and young adults in residential care. Its going to be a challenge but Im up for it and very exited about being creative with these inspirational people.

I Love drawing happy, funny, cute and beautiful things, that make me feel nice inside. My work has meanings obviously but I like the feeling that it gives me whilst doing it the best :) Drawing and painting is my favourite thing to do. Pencils are my friends. Can’t beat a good bit of collage either.

Hope you enjoy my work, thank you please.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

unfinished bear.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A mans best friend.

A friend asked me to draw a portrait of his old family dog. Here it is :) Simple and sensitive, I hope you like it.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


A few snaps that my Mum got of me at our degree show.  The show was fantastic, everyone's work looked so amazing, well done to all of us!  

And also... A few pics from the Hoardings project.  

More degree show work.

The other part of my work is a book that I have been working on and exhibited in the show.  The same subject but a different approach.  Just a little concertina book with ever-changing facial expressions.  I name it....      FEY-SHUL-IK'SPRE-SHUNS! tadaaaaaaah!!!

OMAHHHGAWDDD. Its been too long!

OK so Its been far too long since I wrote on here and showed you what I've been up to! Basically have been inundated with work for my degree show and SO stressed, that my blog was the last thing on my list! The pieces Im going to post on here today are the work that I exhibited in the show.  My project started out first as a study of the human facial form.  I then decided that I was really interested in the faces that people pull when in fear or upset about something.  Part of my collection of work for the exhibition is a 6 piece study of this.  I researched people’s fears by asking my friends and family what theirs were personally and then some of the ones I chose I managed to rope them into letting me draw and photograph them (thanks guys :)!!).  

I hope you like them, just click on the image if you want to have a closer looky.

Monday, 25 April 2011


My Granny is Awesome! and my Uncle John! I was given these cameras this week! I have been snapping away with the Canon, and hope that its going to give me some lovely photos :) My Granny wasn't sure if its working properly though, but fingers crossed.  And the Pentax MEsuper....well...I've wanted one for agesssss, there's a little problem with it, but Im going to pop into town at some point and get someone in the nice camera shop in the Northern Quarter to fix it :D.  I feel so lucky to have been given these wonderful cameras for free, and the BEST thing is that I have 6 beautiful lenses to go with the Pentax.....lucky girl :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011


New Project....coming along slowly.  But I have finally had a really good idea and feel nice and inspired yeeyy! Here's some of my sketchbook work, just from observation, not great but I'm learning :)